download TODOS SANTOS If you want to enjoy nature, the outdoors, hidden gems and have an adventure, drive your car 45 minutes north and come explore Todos Santos, a Pueblo Magico! For those considering a Spring Break in Todos Santos, there are endless options for fun in the sun.   Some of those possible excursions are:

  • Grab a chair and shade umbrella and head to the private Playa Las Palmas for a day in the sun and sea.
  • Take a walking tour of town or expand the tour on bicycles with beautifully groomed trails to the ocean.
  • Go Fish! Or schedule a class to learn Spear Fishing.
  • Relax in the heated free standing saltwater pool at Free Souls in Cerritos.
  • Get your shop on around town, or start your new hand painted cow skull collection found in La Bohemia’s boutique.
  • Eat a delicious meal in the middle of a garden at Hierbabuena Restaurant in Pescadero.
  • Custom art workshops to tap into the creative: Design your own silver necklace, or make your own glass beads.
  • Mezcal tasting with the owners of El Amor del Diablo Mezcal.
  • A hike to an old port with a pair of field glasses and a bottle of red wine from Baja’s Guadalupe Valley found at La Bodega Wine Shop.
  • Learn to make ice cream, cheese or tortillas.
  • Rent electric bikes or side by side ATV from newly opened “Black Sheep” Motorsports and conquer the Sierras in only a few hours.
  • Leave time for a massage at White Sands Hair Salon and Day Spa.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a hat!
  In Todos Santos, there is fun in the sun for every pallet! *]]>