At Destino Los Cabos we understand how difficult it can be to stay on your health routine while on vacation. For all of you fitness and wellness lovers out there we have picked the brains of some local well-being and fitness pros for their advice on staying physically and mentally healthy on your Cabo vacation.


Patty Guevera

Running Tours Los Cabos – runningtoursloscabos.com

Where are you originally from?I was born in La Paz raised here in Cabo San Lucas.How long have you been in Los Cabos?Most of my life I have been here in Cabo San Lucas, I was traveling for a few years, but I always come back home.What is your favorite thing about running?It’s a moment for yourself, when I feel good I run , when I feel down I run, when I feel angry or frustrated I run, when I need peace, I RUN. I love the feeling of freedom, I love the feeling of moving forward. It makes me happy.Tell us about Running Tours Los Cabos?Inspired by this wonderful sport that so many people love, myself and some of my local running partners decided to take the Cabo experience to a whole new level by showing Cabo on your feet! Sweat and sightsee! We have encountered many tourists that also shared our passion but notice that they were running aimlessly and missing all the attractions that every Los Cabos tourist should see, like exceptional views or running one of the best Marinas in world. Running Tours Los Cabos is an opportunity to share our LOVE for our home town, while sharing our passion for running. We offer runners a chance to continue their daily routine from home by discovering new trails or the city while doing something they love: vacationing and running.What is your favorite route to run in Los Cabos?I really like trails! One of my favorites routes is on the hills in the Tezal area in Cabo San Lucas. The trail starts behind Costco (for specific directions call Running Tours Los Cabos) and the cool part about it is that you can do as many miles as you like. To get to the top you most run around 2 miles from the starting point, there you can decide to come back down or keep going all the way for 9 more miles! On the way up you will hear lots of different species of birds, this is the real Cabo feeling because you are surrounded by one hundred year-old cactus and beautiful trees that you only see here in the Baja Sur. When you get to the top you will see the most amazing view of the Cabo bay and the arch, just as beautiful at sunrise or sunset. I love that contact with nature and how it makes you feel grateful for being there and for being able to RUN!



Baja Soul Yoga – bajasoulyoga.com

Where are you originally from?I was born in Russia and moved around living in Kazakhstan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, then eventually reaching LA and finally finding my new home in Los Cabos, Mexico.How long have you been in Los Cabos?Almost 4 years.How long have you been practicing yoga?I first tried a yoga class about 8 years ago, but it has become something more consistent and meaningful for the last 6 years. Practicing consistently and diving deeper into meditation and philosophy has completely changed me and my relationship with the world. Tell us about Baja Soul Yoga.Baja Soul Yoga is a very special place where I hope people can learn to quiet their mind, achieve a better physical practice as well as concentration and leave feeling more at peace and connected than they walked in. We’re a very special community of people, which I believe also makes the place more special. So grateful for every student that practices there, without them no teacher would be able to share their knowledge and practice. We offer both heated and non-heated yoga classes of different variety. “We believe yoga is for everybody and every body. We believe in the transformational power of these practices, both on and off the mat. We believe that yoga meets us where we are at in each and every single moment. We believe that the better we take care of ourselves, the better we can take care of those around us.”Los Cabos is naturally beautiful. If you were to recommend to our readers a special place to meditate and practice yoga, where would it be? I really enjoy going to Cabo Bello beach during the week. Also Pedregal beach during the week is a nice option, you can walk all the way to the left and usually there’s no one in between the rocks, which create a perfect atmosphere to put your feet in the sand, observe and hear the ocean and simply be. We live in a world of constant “doing”. It is so necessary to find time to simply be, connect with yourself and the nature around you. Taking a really deep breath and staying with it can be so helpful in becoming present to see all the beautiful little things Los Cabos has to offer.



Desert & Sea – Health & Beauty – desertandsea.com.mx.mx

Where are you originally from?From Guadalajara, Mexico.How long have you been in Los Cabos?5 years.What do you like most about being in the skin care business?Caring for our body is a way of giving ourselves love and this makes us feel confident and we can go through life with more meaning.Tell us about Desert Sea Spa.The name was chosen because in this beautiful place we have these two ecosystems, and in our logo there is a succulent which is synonymous with perfection. Our spa is designed so that in a single space you can comfortably find all the skin care services and body treatments you need. Do you like cellulite or aging? Neither do us!What would you recommend to our readers to maintain a healthy complexion during their vacation? Don’t forget to use sunscreen and drink a lot of water, and of course I invite you to get our spa where you can experience a high quality facial with the best national products, which are made with very nutritious Mexican plants.


Jessie Ashley

Cabo Yoga and Fitness – caboyogaandfitness.com

Where are you originally from?I am originally from Calgary Alberta.How long have you been in Los Cabos?I have been in C

abo for 7 years.What is your favorite thing about working out?Working out is more than just exercise for me.• Fitness helps me connect with myself and others.• I lost 85 lbs so it has been life saving and a complete lifestyle change, and I get to share the experience with others!• Exercise reduces everyday stress• I love to feel strong and I know keeping up my physical strength will help me as I age.Tell us about Cabo Yoga and Fitness.Cabo yoga and fitness is my dream job and there would be no Cabo yoga and Fitness without my business partner Erin Crookbain. Cabo Yoga and Fitness is a fun place for everybody to come and move their body. We have a variety of classes to suite everyone’s fitness needs and taste. It’s a place where we support our community and learn together with unique workshops and teacher trainings. We connect with one another and support each other and our goals. We leave our egos at the door, step in with our hearts!What is your favorite beach workout?My favorite beach workout would be a body weight HIIT class. Just walking in the sand is challenging enough!• Side lunge, reverse lunge, squat 40 sec each side.• Plank toes taps, to push up 40 sec.• Plank jacks 40 sec.Repeat 3x minimal to no rest between exercises• Squat pulse (3 pulses) cross cross jump 40 sec.• Single leg deadlift, high knee to reverse lunge 40 sec each side. • Burpees 40 sec.Repeat 3x minimal rest between exercises.



Sano Plate – getsano.com

Where are you originally from?I was born and raised in Miami, FL.How long have you been in Los Cabos?I moved to Cabo in 2012 to pursue my dream of living by the beach and working in health and wellness.What inspired you to start a health food business?I worked with ModuVated from 2012-2015. I have always been involved/interested in everything having to do with being and eating healthy and working with ModuVated helped me see how many avenues of health and wellness there are. The meal prep concept came after my daughter was born in 2015. I was a new mom with so many responsibilities and I really didn’t have the time nor energy to be cooking dinner overnight for my whole family. While my daughter napped on Sundays, I would spend that time making easy meals and salads for the week that we could just reheat on the spot. Friends that would come over loved the look and feel of an organised fridge, and more so all the money we were saving each month by not throwing away food! I was inspired to grow the concept little by and little, and 2 years later its become my full time passion. Tell us about Sano Plate.Sano Plate is a labor of love. Food is so personal and it’s always so cool to me that I get to cook for people for a living. We strive to use all local ingredients and meats, and our goal is to always support and promote our community when we can. This year, we’ve been able to expand and open the restaurant side of the business. We’re located at the Los Cabos Organic Farmer’s Market in Pedregal. It’s been a great addition to the meal prep business, as people who aren’t ready to commit to the meal plans can still come get healthy meals and juices week long. We have also launched our website, where folks can just go online to choose the meal plan or a la carte meals and get it all delivered directly to their homes! Eating healthy on vacation is not easy, what would recommend to our readers that want to stay healthy while visiting Los Cabos?Come to Sano Plate! –laughs– just kidding. It’s always a struggle to eat clean while vacationing, especially in this paradise where chips and beer are around every corner. But this is what I try to do when I travel:1. Stay hydrated – By drinking water throughout the day, you are allowing your body and metabolism to function efficiently and keep you balanced.2. Watch the salt – When eating out, try to season your food with fresh ingredients like lime or fresh herbs. Take the salt shaker off the table. 3. Swap your carbs – Dip carrots, bell peppers or cucumber into your guacamole or salsas. I find this still allows you to savour the good fats without filling up on empty calories.4. Drink smarter – Go for the light beer, ask for skinny margaritas with NO salt, cut your tequila or vodka with mineral water and just a SPLASH of juice. This avoids all the nasty sugar and calories that causing bloating and hangovers.

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