Sculpting Awareness

Sculpting Awareness

In Baja California Sur environmental awareness is a staple in the local culture. The ocean influences every part of life here and it is the livelihood for many. In August of 2019, a reform to the Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection of the State of Baja California Sur took effect in which the single use of plastic bags, Styrofoam, and plastic is banned.A group of young locals has taken inspiration from this subject, and along with the help of the local community, they built a sculpture made of recycled wood, plastic bottles, plastic caps, fishing nets and diving equipment, with the intention to create awareness of the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of our oceans and protecting the vast marine life that inhabits here.

The creators of the project are Ylinel Trujillo and Brendon Cammel from Found at Sea @foundatseaexplorers, who are divers and underwater videographers of the Revillagidedo Islands, marine guides and eco activists. “El Pescador de Plástico (The Plastic Fisherman) was born from the idea that soon there will be more garbage than fish in the ocean. We live in a fishing population where the economy depends on the health of our seas. We want to raise awareness among people and try to encourage them to change their consumption habits,” says Ylinel Trujillo.Mako Art team (@makoartistaplastico) also formed part of this team, who helped with the physical elaboration of the sculpture. Zero Waste Los Cabos supported the project and Whale Watch Cabo participated as a sponsor “… It is important to know that all the trash that reaches the seas can be ingested by animals and we believe it is important to raise awareness, especially now in whale watching season,” says Trujillo.The sculpture will remain at the entrance of Puerto Paraiso mall for a few months.

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