Giving Back: Gala De Danza

By International Community FoundationGala de Danza, A.C. (GDD) is the heart of art and culture in Los Cabos, Mexico. Since the summer of 2013, Gala de Danza has brought together artists from around the world to help enrich the lives of young dancers and the community of Los Cabos. With the participation of dancers, choreographers, musicians, actors, teachers, staff and sponsors, the Gala strives to promote the creation of the arts and artistic education.In collaboration with Centro Integral de las Artes (CIArt) and Danza Téllez (DT), Gala de Danza began the ongoing project Danza que da Esperanza (DQDE), “Dance That Gives Hope.” These three organizations are positioned as an institution for social welfare through the promotion, creation, motivation, and education of art. Danza que da Esperanza is a social program with a mission to offer and promote cultural education to children and youth with artistic talent who are living in vulnerable socioeconomic conditions in Los Cabos so that their quality of life in the community may improve greatly. This program offers full scholarships to selected students who receive dance, drama, art and English language courses. These students also receive a program of Ethics and Values, academic and psychological counseling, as well as free meals and daily transportation.Some of the many extraordinary activities that these students participate include private ballet classes, swimming with dolphins, and one of the most representative achievements being able to travel to Córdoba, Veracruz to participate in the international dance festival. To date, approximately 20 children continue to benefit from this program. Furthermore, the International Community Foundation (ICF) has provided Gala de Danza a grant to cover operating expenses from 2019 to 2020.With the goal to strengthen the importance of both art and academics in everyday life, the world of “Dance That Gives Hope”: gives these children and youth a reason to establish goals and work towards them, helps them become focused and teaches them to find a way to channel their fears and experiences in a healthy and artistic way, and encourages them to dream of being a part of a safe space that gives them the opportunity to make this all possible. Talented local youth are greatly inspired by professional performers and see all that is possible and dance discipline is what is giving them the tools and resources they need to study and prepare themselves for a better and successful future. *

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