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Since 2005, Sarahuaro Foundation has served the impoverished women and children of Los Cabos. Each month, more than 6000 meals are served to over 350 children who may not have any other food that day. Each month, 20 different educational programs are conducted for over 100 women.Just outside the affluent city of Cabo San Lucas, there are thousands living in huts – many with no running water, raw sewage and spliced electric lines. They struggle daily with the challenges of limited money, food, school, health care and law enforcement. Most are third and fourth generation native to the Baja, but hundreds are flocking to the area seeking work resulting from the massive tourist expansion. Here, where the minimum wage is $102.68 pesos or about US$5.50 per day, the purchase of purified drinking water takes two days wages per week for an average family.The women of these “colonias” are destined to follow statistically documented, culturally ingrained patterns of abuse, malnutrition, under-education, emotional ill-being and poor physical health and, without proactive intervention, will perpetuate these patterns by handing them down to their children. Their children are hungry every day – a hunger that binds them to poverty.Sarahuaro believes that education is the key to elevating them from poverty and supports education through two separate but interrelated programs:

  • La Cocina de Los Niños or, The Children’s Kitchen
  • Centro de Desarrollo Para Mujeres or Center for the Development of Women

The Children’s Kitchen feeds children while they are in school, so they can be more successful in school. The Center for the Development of Women provides no-cost life-skills education and workforce training – skills that prepare women to mentally, physically and financially empower themselves and their families.Your donation will help.Raising strong children, one mother at a time. 

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