The Different Sides Of Cabo

We all know Cabo for the beaches, the resorts, the fishing, the margaritas, the nightlife…but there are other sides of Cabo that any Baja frequenter should explore. Here at Destino our main focus is to showcase our destination and ALL it has to offer, so read along to learn more.


Waterfalls and Hot Springs

You don’t really think of hot springs and waterfalls when you think of Cabo. The town of Santiago, located northeast of San José del Cabo, is an oasis where you can find hot springs and the Sol de Mayo waterfall, all located in the Cañon de la Zorra (The Fox Canyon). The hike to the waterfall is fairly simple, but keep in mind that to descend to the waterfall you have to go down some steep steps, which lead the adventurous to a majestically beautiful oasis where you can swim and even do some cliff jumping into the cool, serene waters. There is a small fee to access the waterfall, so bring cash with you.


Local residents of Santiago are always willing to help and can give you directions to the hot springs (aguas termales), and there is also signage for the Sol de Mayo waterfall throughout the town. Be sure to pack a lunch, and take plenty of water.

Buggy, ATV and UTV Tours

There are several local companies that offer ATVs, buggies, and other off-road vehicles for trail and beach cruising. Strap on some goggles and hop behind the wheel of one of these off-road racers for an afternoon of fast-paced fun. Vehicles include typical ATVs, enclosed rail buggies or RZR ATVs. Tours are typically three hours and you must have a valid driver’s license.


Check out Wide Open Baja @wideopenexcursions and Wild Canyon Adventures @wildcanyon to choose the type of excursion that best suits you.

Adventure Parks

Wild Canyon Adventures is the perfect place for a day FULL of fun, where you can experience zip-lining, back-country UTV and ATV tours, bungee jumping, a camel safari, a water park and more, and the best thing is that everything is in the same place. Wild Canyon is located between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas at the top of the Tule Canyon. It is easily accessible being located about 30 minutes from either city. On the way to the canyon, you will be amazed by the desert’s flora and fauna. Right before arriving, there is a spectacular lookout where you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the desert and beach uniting. Wild Canyon Adventures has a brand-new water park, Wagoona Splash Island, which you can access with your park day pass. 

Photo courtesy of Wild Canyon

Photo courtesy of Wild Canyon

Photo courtesy of Wild Canyon


Plan to spend a full day at the park and choose one of their Combo packages to enjoy a few of their activities while you’re there.

Horseback Riding and Bird Watching in the San José Estuary

San José boasts a natural estuary and nature preserve where you can go horseback riding or you can also simply enjoy a peaceful, self-guided nature walk to observe some of the lushest landscape in the area. Flora and fauna are abundant: dozens of species of cactus, wild horses, cows, lizards, and birds can be spotted, all just a few minutes from downtown San José.


The perfect time to go is at sunrise. There are a few watch towers and you can go into the palm groves or walk on the beach side. We recommend the beach side first at sunrise and then go inside the palm trees near the parking lot afterwards. A good place to park to explore the estuary is near the Holiday Inn Hotel.



Consuming local and healthy food in Los Cabos could not be easier and is widely available. We have the vast ocean as our backyard, and it can’t get more local than the fish and seafood that comes fresh out of the water every day. Also, among the desert landscape you see in Los Cabos there are many areas with fertile soil in which local farmers grow produce. There are a few companies that deliver this organic, locally grown produce right to your doorstep, such as Baja Farm Fresh @bajafarmfresh and Cabo Organic Box @caboorganic. Another very popular trend growing (literally) in Los Cabos are farm-to-table restaurants, such as the internationally renowned Flora Farms @Flora.Farm.Cabo and the charming Hierbabuena @hortalizahierbabuena, among others.

Photo courtesy of Flora Farms

Photo courtesy of Hierbabuena


Take a fun day trip to Pescadero (located right before Todos Santos), drive around the pretty farms which are near the beach and stop-in for breakfast or lunch at Hierbabuena Restaurant.


You can also go shopping for your own organic produce and food, as well for other local products such as cosmetics, soaps, clothing, jewelry and more. There are several fun outdoor markets to choose from. In Cabo San Lucas there’s the brand new El Huerto Farm to Table Market located in the neighborhood of El Tezal (near Costco) on the road to Delmar International School and the tennis courts. This market, which takes place on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm, opened in June 2020 and is the most idyllic and rustic farmers market setting you will find in Cabo San Lucas, complete with a large parking area and an oversized shade structure. Some of the products available at El Huerto Farm to Table Market are fresh fruits and vegetables, artisanal bread, honey, granola, meat, chicken, eggs, cheese, vinaigrettes, salsas, desserts, pies, tortillas, kombucha, coffee, succulents and plants, soaps, gifts, grab and go lunch and dinner items and more! As you wander the property you will encounter charming farm touches like a scarecrow, vintage tractor and farm equipment, distressed stone and brick structures, and meandering paths throughout the property. They even have live music on Saturday mornings to make the market a truly unique experience. Take a photo next to the neatly lined rows of growing fruits and veggies…it’s a fun and interactive way to see where your market produce is coming from! Stay tuned for the opening of their on-site Farm to Table Restaurant this fall, and children’s animal petting zoo coming soon! For more information you can visit @ElHuertoFarmtoTableRestaurant on Facebook or Instagram.In San José del Cabo is the very popular San José Mercado Orgánico (SANJOMO), which has been around since 2002. The market is located at La Huerta Maria near downtown and opens from 9 am to 3 pm. The San José Del Cabo Organic Market looks to promote and create a multicultural market by providing a space for the sale of locally grown organic products, prepared food, arts and crafts, as well as a forum of educational activities for the community. Besides organic produce, bread, honey, beauty and health products, you can also find licensed massages and body work therapies, art and original artistic creations like jewelry and clothes. Go hungry as there are plenty of food options to choose from. Facebook: @sanjomo, Instagram @mercado.orgánico.sanjosé.


Spend the day in San José! Start early at the SANJOMO market, go for a walk in the San José estuary and have a picnic on the beach with food you buy at the market, and end the day in historical downtown San José and the Art District.


Blown Glass Factory in Cabo San Lucas

This famous factory is a very entertaining, interesting, and fun place to visit. You can find many accessories, gifts, home decorations like vases, kitchen items, tableware, glassware and more, all made of artisan hand blow glass. They have over 25 years of experience and you can watch the artisans in action blowing the glass, which is a fascinating and mesmerizing technique. There’s a shop on-site and custom orders are welcome. The Glass Factory is located in Cabo San Lucas on the bypass road to Todos Santos and employs over 30 artisans who produce almost 500 one-of-a-kind pieces a day.


Tap into your creative side and design a custom piece to take home as a memorable souvenir.

San José del Cabo Historic Art District

It doesn’t get more charming than the Historic Art District with its cobble stone streets that are framed by world-class art galleries, stores, and delicious restaurants. This is definitely the best place to shop for authentic Mexican crafts and original artwork. Many people make strolling the Art District their pre-dinner activity. There are many restaurants in the area to choose from and in the main plaza there are several traditional Mexican food carts and stands (the tamales are highly recommended!). In the main downtown zócalo (plaza) is called Plaza Mijares many local artists display their work. This is a beautiful area with many benches and trees where you see a lot of families wearing big smiles. The tall flagpole with a large Mexican flag stands proud in the square, and you can also find a clock tower (the municipal building) and statues of some important men of Baja California Sur, including Manuel Mijares who was a war hero and from whom the plaza gets its name.


Get there before sunset so you can experience it during the day time and night time. Plan ahead and make a reservation at the restaurant of your choice because it gets busy!

Typical Mexican Market

Just a few blocks from the Art District is the wonderful Municipal Market, where during the hours of 7 am to 5 pm you can have a true Mexican shopping experience. The Mercado Municipal de San José is where many of the locals go to shop for their everyday products. You will find many amazing things, like fresh seafood and fish, vegetables, ranch cheeses, fresh tortillas, local bee honey, sea salt, ranch meats, poultry and regional organic eggs. There is also a little store called Viva Mexico where you will find any traditional Mexican item you can imagine. You will find a selection of 100% Mexican made products as well as the famous loncherías (little breakfast and lunch places) where you can enjoy the traditional Mexican flavor that reminds you of a home cooked meal by a Mexican abuelita (grandma).

Photo courtesy of Dissonance Photography


Bring your own shopping bags, cash and go hungry so you can try the delicious lonchería food.

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