What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Los Cabos?

Los Cabos has ideal weather and during every season you can find different activities and attractions. Here is a breakdown of what it’s like year-round in Los Cabos:

October marks the beginning of the “high season” in Los Cabos, which means that tourism kicks back-up after the hot and slower summer months. The weather is still warm and it’s the last month of hurricane season, so tropical storms and humid weather are possible. October is also known for Sammy Hagar’s infamous birthday bash at Cabo Wabo, which has been taking place yearly for over two decades, as well as the world-renowned Bisbee’s Fishing Tournaments. November is a favorite weather-wise: the weather is ideal; warm but not hot, and the ocean water is still nice and warm. Seasonal happenings start back up, such as the San José del Cabo Art walk and organic markets. Several sporting events take place, from marathons to biking races, the weather is ideal for outdoor high endurance activities. Los Cabos is an excellent place to spend the holiday season if you need a break from the cold; even though the weather is still warm through December (although it begins to cool off in the evenings) the holiday spirit can be felt everywhere.

​With the new year comes new weather; January marks the beginning of the “windy season” as we welcome the northern winds, and the weather and water temps cool down. The Pacific welcomes swells from the west, so surfers flock over to the western coastline and kite and wind surfers head over to the East Cape to take advantage of the northerly winds. February is the peak month of whale watching season and it’s also the time of year to swim with whale sharks (whale shark season starts as early as October and continues through April). In March and April Cabo hosts spring breakers and Medano Beach turns into a fun beach party and people watching is at its best. The days are beautiful as the spring weather arrives, and the nights are energetic with the youth that flocks the bars and nightclubs.Cabo Pulmo is a natural ocean reserve on the East Cape which boasts some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world. This is honestly quite far via sea, as cruising speeds are much slower than by car. Some yachters may opt for boarding in San José, leaving out of Marina Puerto Los Cabos (which is only a 40 minute drive from Cabo). Others may choose to drive to Cabo Pulmo and board there for a scuba or snorkel tour by marine park guides and board their yacht subsequently. Although the Cabo Pulmo area itself is protected and no fishing is allowed, there are nearby areas, such as Los Frailes which are great for fishing. You will anchor around here for overnight trips or day trips anyway because of park restrictions. Also close by are luxury resorts such as Costa Palmas, the new Four Seasons development neighboring the small scuba town. For those who are watermen, the East Cape also boasts a few awesome surf spots along the way up to Cabo Pulmo to try out.

In May, the northern winds subside and the weather climbs up a few degrees, so the conditions are ideal for boating and fishing. June is another weather-favorite month; the warm temperatures and the surfable southern swells that arrive on the eastern coasts bring that feel of Baja summer vibes. June also marks the beginning of hurricane season, so it is not uncommon to experience storms this early in the summer. June is also the last month before the seasonal markets and the San José Art Walk shut down for the summer. As the summer months go on, the temperatures rise and the Los Cabos “off-season” arrives and continues through September, the hottest month of the year, and some businesses even close their doors for the season. Tourism slows down but the hot summer weather makes for ideal conditions to enjoy the refreshing and beautiful ocean; from jet skiing, parasailing and stand up paddle boarding, to snorkeling and scuba diving, pretty much any water activities you can think of can be enjoyed in Los Cabos. 


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