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What to do in case of a storm in Los Cabos

What to do in case of a storm in Los Cabos

Palm trees blowing in the wind and rain as a hurricane approaches a tropical island coastline

When you think of Los Cabos you probably imagine a sunny beach. But the desert greets the rain in a unique way. Every year as fall approaches, our perfect blue skies become the stage of quick-shifting, dancing clouds. When hurricane season casts its shadows over Cabo, it is important to be ready. Here are the most important steps to stay on top of things during a storm in Los Cabos.

1.-Stay Safe
Having a place where to pass the storm should be your main priority. Your hotel will have security protocols in place to take care of your safety but if you find yourself in any other setting make sure to have a safe indoors place where you can wait until the storm is gone.

2.- Provisions, provisions, provisions
Once you know where you will be passing the storm make sure you have enough water and food at hand in case of emergency. Your basic disaster supplies kit should also include a flashlight, a first aid kit, extra batteries, cash, rain gear and your I.D. and important documents in a waterproof bag!

3.-Cover all bases
Some basic services may get interrupted, make sure you have a plan in case of water shortages as well as enough charge in your cellphone and gas for your car for you to move and communicate in case of emergencies.

4.-Move carefully
As the storm moves away from Los Cabos small floods often turn streets into water streams too dangerous to drive across. If you absolutely need to move during this time plan your route ahead of time so you can make sure to avoid the most affected areas.

5.-Stay alert:
During these events safety information is constantly being shared in official sites and social media, while these updates are often shared in Spanish you can also keep yourself updated through local radio stations.

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