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Letter from the editor

Welcome to yet another edition of Destino Magazine, the gateway to the enchanting world of Southern Baja. As we turn the pages of this issue, we invite you on a captivating journey filled with stories of breathtaking landscapes, extraordinary people, and the vibrant history that weaves the fabric of our destination.

In an era where the digital sphere often takes precedence, Destino Magazine stands as a testament to the enduring power of print. While some may see print as fading into obscurity, we see it as a tangible preservation of history. With two decades of passion poured into these pages, we cherish the opportunity to reflect on our growth and the evolution of our beautiful surroundings.

This edition unveils "The Secret Life of the San Jose Estuary", a delicate ecological balance that reminds us of our shared responsibility to preserve the natural wonders bestowed upon us. Monica Bulnes' piece underscores the importance of preserving nature. We will guide you down La Calle Grande, the wide street that has been a significant part of the history of San Jose Del Cabo, where the whispers of the past blend seamlessly with the present. We hope you enjoy our guide to the Art Walk for a rewarding experience on your visit.

As the excitement builds for the World Wide Technology Championship at El Cardonal in Diamante Golf Club in Cabo San Lucas, scheduled for October 30th through November 5th, 2023, we are pleased to share our exclusive conversation with Mike Abbott, the Executive Vice-President of Operations at Legacy Properties at Diamante. Stay tuned for our special Golf edition coming in October, featuring unique insights into this global event that will put Los Cabos on the world stage.

At Destino, we are dedicated to highlighting local talent and celebrating their distinct skills and creativity. We are thrilled to present our latest cover, crafted by the talented photographer Ricardo Quintero.

Our connection with you, our valued readers, is at the heart of Destino. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Brenda Thompson, who reached out after finding resonance with my previous editorial. We had a wonderful meeting at our new Destino San Jose office in the Art Walk District. Brenda's enthusiasm and contributions to our magazine in 2015 have left a memorable mark, and we are delighted to welcome her back to our team for future editions.

In this edition, we present a diverse array of experiences—from sun-kissed beaches to comprehensive travel guides—that we hope will spark your adventurous spirit. Additionally, don't miss "The Ultimate Guide for Transportation in Los Cabos" by Victor Suarez, a treasure trove of valuable tips and local insights to enrich your Baja experience.

I invite you to explore these pages that reflect the spirit of our destination. Your thoughts, feedback, and shared stories are essential to Destino. Your connection inspires us, and I look forward to hearing from you and learning from your unique perspectives.

Here's to the stories, memories, and experiences that await you in the latest edition of Destino Magazine. I want to thank our talented team at Destino, whose dedication and creativity continue to inspire. Each issue is a testament to their hard work, passion, and vision. Enjoy the read, and thank you for being part of our Destino family.

Dana Gimenez Firma

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