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By: The2Mexicanas

Paulina and Ximena teach us how to live a hot and spicy life one sauce at a time. Better known as The2Mexicanas, these two sisters share with us everything from recipes and the most delicious restaurants in Los Cabos, to trips and personal experiences that they acquire every day. These two Mexican women have decided to call themselves that and with good reason. And as any good Mexican they love hot sauces. And being born in Los Cabos they will be able to share with us the hot sauces that you have to try when visiting this beautiful destination.

When you visit Los Cabos, it is very likely that you will get to eat the emblematic battered fish or shrimp tacos of Baja California Sur, and like every good taco it has to be topped with a really good sauce. So when you visit any taco restaurant the first sauce you must try is the Ranchera Sauce. This sauce is noble, ithere will be no unexpected surprises. When you taste it you will get its flavor as it is, this salsa doesn’t hide a spicy aftertaste. In fact, it is a hot sauce made with tomato and a small amount of hot peppers little, so its heat lever in terms of how spicy it is very low, but it is still a delicious sauce. If you are not used to eating spicy food this is the perfect hot sauce to get you started, let's call it the “beginners sauce”!

Seafood restaurants abound in this city, since we live by the sea. But only a few seafood restaurants contain the secret sesame sauce. And it is so secret that they will not set it out on the center of the table with the rest of the hot sauces, only connoisseurs know to ask for it and, when you do, they will bring it from the kitchen especially for you. This hot sauce has a creamy consistency and we love to spread it on our “governor tacos” traditional shrimp, potato and cheese tacos, on pickled tuna tostadas or on rich smoked marlin tacos. It is a friendly sauce as it is not very spicy but adds a delicious and different flavor to seafood. 

If you visit a taqueria with authentic carne asada tacos, which are grilled beef tacos very popular across northern Mexico and Baja, you have to try the tatemada sauce. This sauce is the introduction to the hot sauces major leagues. If you don't normally eat any hot pepper, maybe this sauce will be a bit strong for you, but even so it’s something that you must try, it's delicious! Besides, let us share a tip for life, if you add guacamole to your taco and then put the hot sauce on top, this will reduce theheat level and you can enjoy all the flavor without having to run for a drink of water.

At Mexican food restaurants you will face the habanero sauce. This sauce deserves respect because it is one of the spiciest sauces there are. If you are brave and dare to try it, I recommend you have a large glass of water or perhaps milk and some anti-acid tablets by your side because with this sauce you can almost breathe fire. We love to eat this sauce in the cochinita pibil tacos and in the “costras de pastor” seasoned and grilled shaved pork tacos served on a wrap made of crispy melted cheese.

As you can see, we are lovers of spicy sauces and we not only eat them when we go out to restaurants. We also have them in our home, basically every day. Following we will share with you two simple recipes for two of our favorite homemade sauces that go with all kinds of dishes: Sala de jalapeño and Salsa Macha. From us to you with love.

Jalapeño Sauce Recipe:

12 jalapeño peppers
Half Cup Olive oil
Coarse grain salt

1. Heat 1/2 cup of olive oil in a frying pan.
2. Add a pinch of coarse grain salt to the oil.
3. Once the oil is boiling, add the whole jalapeño peppers and cover the pan. Be careful as the oil jumps when it is hot.
4. Use metal tongs to turn the jalapeños so that they brown evenly.
5. Once the peppers are golden brown, their skin is brown to black in color, remove them from the oil and remove the stems of the jalapeños and devein to prevent your sauce from being too spicy.
6. Once clean, put all the chilies in the blender and add the oil with which they were fried. Let it blend until it has a creamy consistency and ‘voila’, you can enjoy your sauce with whatever you want!

Sauce Macha Recipe:

1 bag of Arbol Chiles (similar to rat’s tail hot peppers or Szechuan peppers)
4 garlic cloves
1 tablespoon of white sesame seeds
4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
Olive oil
Coarse grain salt

1. Fry whole garlic cloves in olive oil.
2. Once the garlic is golden brown, remove them from the oil and add the chile de arbol.
3. We fry them until the arbol hot peppers are golden brown and we remove them.
4. Put the hot peppers, garlic, oil with which we fried everything, the 4 tablespoons of vinegar and salt to taste in a blender.
5. As soon as the chiles have a crushed consistency, remove and put in a container with all the oil, sprinkle the tablespoon of sesame and stir. Ready!

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