By Pepe Murrieta

The reef of Cabo Pulmo was declared a National Marine Park 21 years ago. Today, the community is seeing the natural and cultural environment evolve in gigantic steps. A recent study reflected a 463% recovery of the biodiversity of the reef since its protection in 1995, which was in serious deterioration back then due to over-fishing. Currently, the community of Cabo Pulmo only “fishes” underwater photographs while diving, they all know how very fortunate they are to live in front of the most extensive and nutritious coral reef of the Sea of Cortes.

The community has protected Cabo Pulmo in an effort to recover the marine life that they remembered and enjoyed by following a lifestyle of conservation that has now become a legacy for their children through environmental education and nature tourism. By learning about Cabo Pulmo, they learn to defend it from the hands of developments, discovering also that their home is the ideal place for the appreciation and contemplation of the natural beauty of the Sea.

This effort of conservation was achieved thanks to the collaboration with the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS) who presented the proposal to governmental bodies such as CONANP, both witnesses of the impressive recovery of the biomass of this park.

However, there are external factors that could continue to affect the marine life in the reef. Over-fishing and poaching has not been able to be completely eradicated and it continues in the vicinity of the park. The population of sharks has decreased considerably due to over-fishing and the stress created on this species.

For this reason, the Patronato Cabo del Este A.C. (Board of Trustees of the East Cape) has been created to implement projects of inspection and vigilance to safeguard the park, and proposing its conservation through ecotourism. Other projects include monitoring the sharks in the reef as well as monitoring the temperature changes in the area. To find out more in depth about this important project and to contribute to this effort email:

You are invited to discover and learn about Cabo Pulmo and why it’s an example of conservation and a pride for Mexico. Dive and snorkel with certified guides along with huge schools of fish in the reef. Walk the paths of the desert that surround the community and marvel yourself with the spectacular colors of the sunrises this landscape has to offer. When was the last time you saw the constellations in a starry sky? Stay a couple of nights at the bungalows administered by the community, indulge in the flavors of the ocean and experience the magic of living in a place where you face a coral reef.

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