December 16, 2019 5:17 pm



By Michelle Monroy

When I tell people that I live in Los Cabos the conversation typically goes this way: the person is extremely surprised, and says something along the lines of "oh wow!,” followed by a “what do you do down here?” or “what brought you here?”

However, a common question I also get is “how do you manage to eat healthy here?,” and my answer is always “it's actually VERY easy and accessible!” I assume that this question is rooted from the fact that the concept of Mexican food seems to be unhealthy; refried beans, chips, cheese, fried food, flour tortillas, crema (creme), if you see it that way the answer is yes, that is not the healthiest diet. The main misconception is that this is the only option for food available in Mexico, this is especially not correct when it comes to food in Baja, where 100% local fresh seafood, fish and organic produce is widely available.

As it is commonly known, this area of the World is greatly abundant in fish and seafood, which make very healthy and clean food options. What is not as commonly known is the fact that in the midst of the Los Cabos desert landscape, there are also areas with fertile soil where produce is farmed, making it easy to have locally grown vegetables and fruit on your plate every day. There are a few companies that buy from local farmers and deliver the produce right to your doorstep, and many restaurants pride themselves in offering locally sourced ingredients in their menus.

Here are a few great options to eat local and healthy in Los Cabos

A SIMPLE CATCH OF THE DAY - Fish, fish fish! We are in Los Cabos, which is surrounded by the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, so there's no doubt why we have a delicious catch of the day option on almost every restaurant menu in Los Cabos. Every place will prepare it differently, and it's usually served with a side of vegetables and rice.

LOCAL SEAFOOD - If you go to any traditional seafood restaurant such as Los Claros, Mariscos Michiacan, El Toro Guero, etc., order a ceviche, fresh clams, scallops, oysters or an aguachile (this one will be spicy!). These dishes are very low in fat and calories, just watch out for all of those chips!

SASHIMI and SUSHI - I always say that the best sushi I've ever had is in Cabo. The sashimi is as fresh as it gets and it's very easy to digest. You will find similar Cabo-signature dishes in most sushi places, my personal favorite is the serranito with tuna.

MEXICAN FOOD - Mexican food can be healthy! Try tacos with corn tortilla instead of flour (this is the traditional way to eat tacos anyway), pozole, guacamole, chile relleno without the fried batter, and of course all the seafood without it being fried. These are only a few examples among many delicious and healthy dishes.