Flavors of Baja: The Tradition of  Golf + Brunch

by Tadd Chapman

Ah, yes, the old Scottish tradition of Golf (have I mentioned that I am part Scottish?). I don’t get out as much as I like but when I do it seems to be more about the bonding , beers and bags of salty snacks than the score card at the end of the round; and for a sport that’s nearly 500 years old you would think we would have evolved to snacks better than golf caddies laden with potato chips and ice cold beers. Don’t get me wrong; almost nothing beats cold beer at the end of 4 hours on the links, or half way thru for that matter… But were in Cabo and we can do better, and at least once a week there actually is something better. After all, is there really a more satisfying way to end a morning of golf or begin any Sunday for that matter than by stacking your plate with an assortment of shellfish and prime rib with a side of all the champagne you can drink?

That being said, the art of brunching has often been reduced to home-town style “all you can eat “ buffets that feature anything but special instead or a life celebration. However, there is one notorious Cabo Golf Course that has taken brunch to the next level, created a celebration of life if you will! The Cabo del Sol clubhouse not only features breath taking views, but a brunch selection that’s worth making a regular visit. While listening to a Latin jazz trio, guests get to enjoy a full range of items that are as fresh as they are delicious.

Treats range from the traditional (pancakes and waffles) to the exotic (Lobster pot stickers and sushi, anyone?), all while maintaining quality throughout. The omelet station is fully stocked and always made to perfection, while the crepe station will draw out your inner dessert loving mad scientists (I recommend stuffing the crepe with Hagan Daaz Ice Cream. In the event that you are among the (sad) few watching their diets during such a feast, the fruit bar and house made salads are enough to leave you more than satisfied, but if you still crave a little something more pile some of that local savory ceviche on to your plate.

Delectable food aside, the Cabo del Sol Brunch does an incredible job at setting a relaxing atmosphere. The courtyard atmosphere and combination of both ocean and desert views go hand in hand with the sights of little children dancing to the live music in their Sunday Best attire and generations gathering together for quality family time. The serving staff is beyond courteous and always helpful, even offering to help carry a plate to the table.  And yes, did I mention the mimosas, lots and lots of them.

It’s no question how Cabo del Sol’s brunch has grown to be the crown jewel of Cabo brunches, it combines the three best ingredients found in town: ocean view, breezy atmosphere, and fresh local food. With such a winning combo, you may find yourself pretending to like Golf just to squeeze in a reservation.