October 13, 2021 6:49 pm



By: Muriel Santullano

When the going gets tough, the people of Baja California Sur show their true spirit. A spirit of solidarity and resilience. There is no doubt that when things got really tough during the pandemic, the state managed to get ahead thanks to the work of the Baja California Sur Community Alliance. The Alliance, as it became known to many, is a coalition of close to 200 civil society organizations and members of the private sector, who worked in coordination with hundreds of volunteers and federal and state authorities during the peak of the pandemic last year. The Alliance (BCSCA) was created as a citizens’ initiative without any affiliation to political parties, which has addressed the needs of equipment and resources for health institutions and the food crisis caused by the closure of economic activities in the state because of the health emergency caused by the presence of COVID-19.

As you read this it’s been more than a year since The Alliance was formed. More than 216 thousand food baskets delivered across the state. More than 97 thousand families who received food aid. More than 55 thousand volunteering hours. More that 495 thousand medical supplies and PPEs delivered to front line medical and service personnel. And all of this was made possible because there are many generous people who donated what they could to get the state out of the dark and back into the light that hope brings to everyone’s lives.

Now it is time to come together once again and help give BCS a second wind. The pandemic has had a big impact on the the Red Cross’ ability to raise funds, since most of the resources for its operation are obtained through in person cash donation campaigns, which have been suspended since last year. In addition, during the past year, there has been an increase in emergency calls for transfers of patients affected by COVID. Most of these calls are cardiopulmonary emergencies and these types of transfers require specialized equipment. Unfortunately, Red Cross in BCS does not have an ambulance with the necessary equipment. The good news is that, The Alliance has continued to work with its members and thanks to the generosity of the CRIT Baja California Sur, rehabilitation center there is a fully equipped ambulance with everything necessary to respond to these types of emergencies. The Alliance has confirmed that it will donate 50% of the funds necessary for the acquisition of this ambulance for the Red Cross to use and continue to save lives in emergency situations. Now, the BCS Community Alliance, BCS Red Cross and CRIT BCS are asking all members of our community to donate and help raise the funds needed to purchase this ambulance.

The goal is to raise $ 230 thousand pesos, around $12,500 USD. If you can donate any amount, please go to www.acbcs.org.mx and click on the DONATE button. A small donation will be a huge help to give BCS a second wind.

As things are reopening and we are all learning to manage the realities of COVID in our lives, The Alliance continues working to respond immediately in case of a weather, economic or health emergency and to contribute, as much as possible, to maintain a healthy social fabric among the vulnerable sectors of Baja California Sur.