April 22, 2020 3:47 pm



By International Community Foundation

The International Community Foundation (ICF) holds and manages a fund with Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas A.C., which is an organization located in Cabo San Lucas. Founded in 1991, Casa Hogar’s mission is to provide a home and care for vulnerable children between 4-18 years old and give them the love, affection and support they need while teaching the youth important values and giving them the opportunity to have professional studies that will prepare them for a successful future. Casa Hogar works with young boys and girls to surpass poverty, abusive family environments, and gender-based violence. The people in this organization are committed and work hard to restore violated rights and to provide the youth with the necessary tools to break the stereotypes, break the cycles of violence and become strong agents of change in their own communities.

Furthermore, Casa Hogar strives to Educate and Elevate: Educate in academics, life, skills, moral values, religious values, and social values. Elevate to levels beyond the norms of society. The Casa Hogar team is currently working on a project known as, “Elevate Lives of Vulnerable Children in Mexico.” Started in 2019, this project focuses on delivering better opportunities to 40 children. The key components that will drive change include continued trades training and a social worker.

As a solution to the social issues that the youth face, Casa Hogar’s teen residents participate in a 12-week trades-training course in which they learn the basic concepts of electrical circuits and the skills required to use a soldering iron. Plumbing training for the youth is yet to come! Through donations, this organization will continue to teach trades throughout the year and the following years. Casa Hogar hopes to open the trades-center to the youth of the local community to extend its reach and positive impact. Hiring a new social worker will further strengthen the team to provide career guidance and support in finding employment and scholarship opportunities to Casa Hogar’s youth.

All in all, the “Elevate Lives of Vulnerable Children in Mexico” project will invest their time and assets into 40 children and teens every year that will help develop them into productive, hardworking citizens, responsible partners, and exemplar parents. This will ultimately provide a path out of poverty, improve the talent pool of the Cabo San Lucas community, and foster a positive example for new arrivals to the Casa Hogar Center.

For more information, contact ICF’s Marketing and Development Manager, Leticia Martinez at lety@icfdn.org