May 27, 2019 9:36 pm



by International Community Foundation

According to UNICEF, 1 of every 2 children and teenagers in Mexico lives in poverty. The result is millions of children who don’t have access to basic needs and human rights.

Fundación Dibujando un Mañana’s vision is to restore the basic rights of all children in Mexico. Since its founding in 1998, Fundacion DUM has been an ally of nonprofit organizations and community leaders who seek to improve the lives of vulnerable girls, boys and teenagers, primarily in Mexico. Fundacion DUM does this by:

  • Advising, pooling and managing donations from individual and corporate donors to benefit local nonprofit organizations and projects working with children.
  • Investing in training and strengthening local nonprofit organizations so that they are better able to generate sustainable changes in the lives of the children and teenagers that they work with.

As a grantmaking organization, Fundación Dibujando Un Mañana invests in Mexican nonprofit organizations that specifically work with children and teenagers to promote their holistic development, empower them to set the course of their own growth and futures, and exercise their basic rights. Ultimately, these children and youth are becoming agents of change for their communities.

Over 21 years of work, Fundación Dibujando un Mañana has socially invested more than $15,000,000 USD in 1,000 different nonprofit organizations, benefitting approximately 600,000 girls, boys and teenagers across 27 states of Mexico, including Baja California Sur, and 4 provinces in Costa Rica. Thanks to these investments and Fundacion DUM’s donors, these youth and their families have a better quality of life and future.*

To learn more about Fundacion DUM’s social investments and make a US charitable donation to the Fundacion DUM Fund at the International Community Foundation please contact:

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