June 8, 2020 8:12 pm



The Water Warriors, led by Los Cabos local Jason Earl, are working towards providing water for families that often go weeks without it. Jason and his team are fighting for fair distribution policies and proper water distribution management. So far they have supplied water for over 120 families, but that is just a grain of sand compared to the amount of people that still need their help.

Christine Berger, president of the Tres Deseos Foundation, accidently called Jason while trying to report a neighbor’s house fire. “I know Christine through some work I did with the foundation about 6 years ago. Long story short, next thing I know, I was out in a dusty poor community leading water trucks house to house with Laura Garcia,” says Jason. Laura Garcia gathers her information from the communities so they know which homes need water most. She also documents the name and phone number of every recipient. “Unfortunately, the municipal water trucks are only stopping at homes that can afford a tip,” says Jason. If the household cannot afford the 30-50 pesos required, that family is skipped. Jason, his brother in law Cesar, Laura and a few community members went to the water truck headquarters one morning to report this abuse. It was a heated and emotional meeting, but it went better than they expected as now the reports that are coming from the community are improving. Thanks to Daniel Zarco with Rodamientos & Refacciones Industriales they now have fair pricing and distribution management. The cost of a 15,000 liter water truck is $2,000 pesos, that can supply water to 15-25 homes depending on occupants. “I've seen a family of 12 living in a small structure, so obviously I'm going to fill every water reserve they have available. A single guy living out there will receive less. It becomes a judgement call at that moment,” Jason states. Since he started the Water Warriors, he says they have easily helped families bathe, flush toilets, clean their dishes, do laundry and simply wash their hands. After all, the best way to combat a virus or any illness is through proper sanitation. *

If you would like to donate to this cause Jason is accepting PayPal donations to bajamirage@yahoo.com