May 6, 2019 4:38 pm




The Hannon family first visited Cabo in 2010 and have since come to call it their second home. Visiting Cabo often, they realized how inconvenient it was to pack vacation necessities time after time or give away their alcohol/non-perishables and suntan lotion or pool toys, only to re-buy them on the next trip.

They decided to create a solution. And that’s how BINZ was born!

BINZ BINZ BINZ is an American, family-run company that provides a unique and helpful service to those who visit Cabo San Lucas frequently. BINZ’s main mission is to provide convenient vacation storage that allows you to travel lighter, stress less, and enjoy your vacation more!

The first thing to do is register and become a member. In order to do so, log onto and follow the easy step by step instructions. Be sure to check out the page titled, “Save with BINZ” to see how BINZ can save you money! As part of the registration process, you will schedule the delivery of your empty red bin(s) and lock(s) to your home resort.

STOP HAULING YOUR STUFF! Feel free to pack your bin with all the things you no longer wish to carry back and forth to Cabo or those unused items that you don’t want to have to re-buy. Some commonly stored items include: suntan lotion, pool toys, workout clothes, alcohol, nonperishable foods, your summer purse, and toiletries - just to name a few! We also store specialty items such as golf clubs, fishing gear, strollers and wheelchairs. The website has many more suggestions- but once you start “binzing” you will know what to put in your bins.

Once your bin is packed, lock it and have your bellman take it to the bell room and let BINZ handle the rest!

In a timely and professional manner, a marked BINZ van will pick up your bin from your resort and bring it to BINZ's secure, temperature-controlled storage facility until your next visit. Be sure to log onto BINZ's user-friendly website to book your next delivery/pick-up.

Each bin is marked with a unique bar code that is linked to your personal account. With this advanced system, you will be able to receive text notifications when your bin leaves the storage facility, arrives at your resort, leaves your resort, and arrives back at the storage facility. That way, you will not have to worry about whether your bin arrived where it is supposed to go!

BINZ prides itself on: simplicity – you will have less to pack each trip; ease – schedule your pickup/delivery online; convenience – BINZ comes to your home resort; security – bins are kept in a secure, temperature-controlled storage facility; and affordability – pricing structure to meet your needs.

BINZ also prides itself on its customer service and professionalism. As a family run business, the Binz founders know what service is expected and therefore, they provide an exceptional customer experience to help make your vacation less stressful and more enjoyable. Become a member of the BINZ family!

Visit to get started! Before you know it, you will be asking yourself, “Where have you BINZ all my life!”