December 19, 2020 2:23 pm




Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher
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What can you do in 60 minutes? Maybe you can cook a delicious dessert, do a bank transaction, check your child’s homework, or watch a couple of episodes of your favorite TV series. But what if you could maximize your day with an enjoyable yoga session and give yourself a well-deserved dose of nourishment for your soul? What if you could spend 60 minutes to reset yourself? It’s only 4% of your day. A mindful moment only for you, even if you do yoga with your family. A time for breathing, balancing your chakras, energizing, living and feeling your progress with intention and discipline. You’ll be the energy that you want to attract.

We are in a peculiar moment of our lives. All your duties are together in the same space: your family, your job, your child’s school, your gym... and it seems to be a hard task just to have a calm moment for yourself, or even only for them. Stress has already settled-in at many homes, and sometimes it’s the grumpiest guest.

Pamper your physical and mental health with a lovely but intense yoga session where you don’t need to be perfect, but just “to be” is enough.

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