This past year, Cabo’s own Frank Arnold was selected as the International Artist Day’s Featured Artist. The IAD is a driving force in promoting the arts in communities and social programs around the world. Arnold was selected for this year’s celebration, which occurs every October 25th. Arnold resides and works in San José del Cabo for most of the year. As the height of the art season comes to the Historic Gallery District, the Frank Arnold Gallery continues to draw art lovers from near and far. Arnold opens not only his gallery, which TripAdvisor has ranked the number one San José thing to do, but his home and main working studio is open to the public as well.

Every Thursday evening is the Art Walk in the Gallery District. Arnold, his wife Carmen, and “Gallery Dog” Picasso, host an open house to visitors that feels more like an art festival or movie premier, as hundreds of people filter in and out the gallery, home, and studio in the span of one evening. The largest gallery in the district, it is also exclusive to Arnold’s work where his unique abstract/figurative style is displayed in original oil paintings, as well as bronze sculptures he creates in a separate second studio located in Mexico City. There is something for everyone here including signed fine art prints of Arnold’s paintings, posters from his past art shows, and two books by Arnold. His first book, “Frank Arnold Painting and Sculpture,” is in its second printing and tells the story of his life and journey on the way to becoming an internationally celebrated artist, from his earliest memories to the present. His second book, “Your Creative Imagination UNLOCKED,” is a collaborative effort of Arnold with noted depth-psychologist, Dr. Jim Manganiello, exploring methods of self-discovery through abstract art, rediscovering your own creativity to, as Arnold says, “Become who you truly are.” It includes artwork from Arnold, Banksy, Picasso, Rothko, Kandinsky and Twombly. While maintaining his second studio in Mexico City and a third studio and additional gallery space in Central California, Arnold is currently expanding the San José location with the addition of Plaza Frank Arnold, directly across from his gallery. The central focus of the plaza is the heroic scale figure, Alma de Cabo; a bronze sculpture created by Arnold and inspired by the community of San José following Hurricane Odile in 2014. The name translated is “Soul of Cabo”.

Arnold’s earlier work is centered on his own life from childhood to present. Each story is told in a personal code devised to be both cathartic and confidential. For the past ten years, his work has come from a deeper mind connection he has found, producing pieces that speak in many voices; some familiar and some unknown, even to Arnold. It is not uncommon for men and women to view his work and become very emotional, some to the point of tears, pouring out feelings and stories from their own lives that have been accessed by his paintings or sculptures. He feels honored and humbled by these reactions to his work and believes that some pieces are not so much an expression of his own experiences, as much as they may hold messages for others to discover. Arnold makes himself as available as possible to the many visitors in his studios and gallery. He is at work in the studio and gallery daily, whether painting, or corresponding with the many visitors who keep in touch from all over the world by email and social media.