November 11, 2019 9:19 pm



Pisces Sportfishing & Yacht Charters is the most prestigious charter company in Los Cabos, Mexico. With an impressive history spanning 42 years, their team offers exceptional personalized charters by the hour, day, overnight or even week-long trips throughout Cabo San Lucas and the Sea of Cortez. We could tell you all about the company and the details, but really, it’s the experience that speaks for itself. Below, Rebecca Ehrenberg, recounts her first luxury live-aboard charter through the Islands off of La Paz.

“We had begun our journey embarking on the beautiful 85’ Contessa Yacht in the city of La Paz; only two hours north, by car, of Cabo San Lucas. All in all, in seven days we visited seven islands and spanned nearly 500 km of the waters of the Baja peninsula. The best seven days of all of our lives.

An especially unforgettable experience was when a few dolphin greeted us one morning as we woke aboard the 85’ Contessa Yacht at Isla San José. The three of them were curious about the large yacht they found in the bay, and I couldn’t control my curiosity either. Quickly, the crew had a paddle board ready for me and I was off. I paddled towards them and they swam towards me, one swooped quickly under, and the other went around. I saw a little sparkling eye look up at me, and in an instant, a flick of the tail had the dolphin down and away.

For two hours, this cat and mouse game continued. Sometimes I sat there in awe, legs dangling on either side of my board with the dolphins poking their heads completely out of the water to get a good look at me. I jumped in the water once the dolphins decided they were bored of me and swam to shore, making it to the entrance of the mangrove system of the island. There, a beach canopy and umbrellas, chairs, a cooler full of drinks and lunch were served and waiting for me, along with our yacht stewardess who had set everything up perfectly.

As I took my first steps onto the beach, the stewardess handed me a glass of cold champagne. I sat there with my legs stretched out in front of me; the salt on my face clung to my brows and tickled my lips. The warmth of the sun caressed my skin as I leaned forward and looked down at my toes, which I wiggled through the calmest, most turquoise water I had ever seen. ‘Heaven on Earth’, I said to myself out loud, and then took a sip of my champagne.”

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