April 13, 2020 7:05 pm



About five years ago, right before a trip abroad, Ricke Herbert got his hands on his first DSLR camera. As he traveled, he snapped pictures of everything and anything; of people, landscapes, and wildlife. When he got back home and downloaded his images it was clear to everyone that photography was in his blood.

Born in Mexico, Ricke moved to the US after graduating from college and began a career in business administration. Still, he was drawn to photography. He was so passionate about it, he could be found waking at sunrise on frigid mornings to capture landscapes, or outdoors late at night capturing the Milky Way.

Family and friends began asking for headshots, wedding sessions, maternity portraits, and real estate photos, which allowed him to practice a wide range of photographic styles.

He has attended classes, seminars, workshops and has received mentoring from world-renowned photographers. He's won multiple awards, and has published in magazines and featured on popular wedding blogs.

Instead of following the latest trend, Herbert tailors and customizes his approach to capture the true essence of each moment, each person, each detail.

He can create a light and airy collection as easily as a dramatic and stylistic collection. “It’s really up to the client and what their vision is, if they are not thrilled I haven’t done my job. I want my clients to be transported back to the same emotions they felt at the moment of the shoot every time they look at their photos. Working closely with my clients allows me to get to know them on a personal level. I provide professional guidance through the entire process so that my clients feel comfortable and free in front of the camera.”

Ricke is, and always will be, an adventurer at heart. Taking photos of people in harmony with their environment is something that deeply intrigues him.

What he loves most about photographing in Baja is the raw natural beauty and diverse settings. In one day it’s possible take photos in a tropical palm grove surrounded by flowers and next in the middle of rocky, arid desert. He loves to take his clients to “secret” local spots that spark his imagination, while providing an excellent opportunity to enjoy the local area and culture.

I like to provide an out-of-the-box experience that is fun and easy. And of course, deliver absolutely stunning and distinctive images!