January 13, 2020 6:05 pm



By Cabo Adventures

Situated in one of the largest and pristine deserts in Mexico, Rancho “Tierra Sagrada” is located 40 km north of Cabo San Lucas, hidden away from bustling resorts and close to charming pueblitos like Cerritos and Todos Santos. Home to a wide diversity of native flora and fauna and a nesting ground for some endangered species such as the leatherback sea turtle, Rancho Tierra Sagrada hosts an untamed coastal desert and is a sanctuary for Cabo Adventures' Dromedary and Bactrian camel family. Tierra Sagrada - "The Sacred Land" - was named by prior habitants as a result of the energetic vortexes found at the location. Rancho Tierra Sagrada by Cabo Adventures accommodates six different adventures that enable you to see, enjoy, and explore Baja's untouched natural beauty. A lineup of nature-inspired tours loaded with eco-educational exciting challenges and unique opportunities which are all part of the exclusively designed activities on offer. Discover the Baja Outback on a Polaris RZR UTV, ride along a virgin beach and cacti lined trails on a mountain bike or electric bike, experience a calming beachside camel ride, try Tequila tasting, or choose an educational nature walk where you’ll learn all about the flora and fauna unique to this region.

At Cabo Adventures, sustainability, conservation, and support to neighboring communities are some of our highest priorities. With our program, Inspiring Change, we are proud to be one of the leading companies in social & environmental responsibility in Mexico, for this reason we have created 4 new projects at Tierra Sagrada in order to create awareness of sustainability and conservation and make a positive impact for our people and our planet.

Introducing the first “hands-on” recycling plant exclusive to Tierra Sagrada by Cabo Adventures. This offers an interactive interactive plastic recycling experience for our guests by repurposing garbage into beautiful, functional pieces.

We have created a fun, ecological, and original alternative for wood-based paper products. Oh, Sheet! is the first sustainable paper plant in the region where our guests get to participate in the process of elaborating paper made out of camel dung to diminish deforestation and forest degradation.

Discover all the secrets of the delicious artisanal chocolate! Explore the fascinating cacao's rich history, its origin, use, benefits, and its journey from the ancient Mexican culture to its current form.

A fun, educational experience for people of all ages where you get to interact with our cute farm animals and learn about the way they live, what they eat, and how they are cared for.