Los Cabos: Your Destination for Fitness

From The Training Team at Moduvated

Would you like to lose weight on your vacation for a change instead of packing on five or ten pounds? For the 4th year in a row the Moduvated team helped 600 visitors from the MDY school and synagogue of New York to keep up with their fitness regime while enjoying the beach in Cabo. The MDY event was held at the Marquis Resort near San Jose del Cabo from April 21st to the 30th.

The daily class schedule started at 7 every morning and continued through out the day with the Moduvated trainers providing classes and activities that included Spinning, TRX, Beach Bootcamps, Beach Walks, Hiking, Running, Pilates and Yoga. Personal trainers were also busy providing one to one and small group training in the weight room, as well as private classes for Pain Free Living.

The fitness program provided something for every fitness level but the best attendance was, as usual, at the Moduvated signature class: Beach Bootcamp! Hopping on one leg in the sand, burpees and battle ropes were not for the faint of heart. TRX classes also provided a very intense but safe workout for the very fit MDY participants.

The MDY group demonstrated that it is possible to enjoy your vacation while eating salads, lean proteins and drinking minimal amounts of alcohol. The daily buffet was filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats and many other delicious and healthy options.

Los Cabos has always attracted a wide variety of visitors looking for world class golf, fishing, beautiful beaches, scuba diving, windsurfing, whale watching, watersports, surfing and of course the wild parties and booze-soaked nightlife. In recent years however, we have increasingly become a place where people of all ages come looking for a vacation focused on health and wellness.

As the population of baby boomers and generation X ages, wellness destination vacations are growing in popularity and Los Cabos now has the best personal trainers and gyms to prove it. As people age, we realize just how little our life means without good health to enjoy it.

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