by Justin Porter Biel

Golden buttered popcorn lit up my taste buds, while I eagerly awaited the film to start. A social satire in which a man seeks a better life by being shrunk, Downsizing was my movie of choice to wrap up day three of the Film Festival.

After two successful days filled with films, talks, and gatherings, the festival provided due time for networking and camaraderie. The day began with an “Industry Film Talk,” “Meet Mart,” Industry Meetings and Lunch at ME Hotel. Morning conversations were a contrast of passionate accolades and critiques with anticipation of the festival highlights to come. Morning events were followed by the opportunity to screen notable “Work In Progress” (WIP Films), including La Camarisa, and Los Debiles.

The day continued with a schedule filled with films presented at Puerto Paraíso Mall’s Cinemex Theatre. There were Mexico premiers of Opus Zero, directed by Daniel Graham, and A Morir a los Desiertos, directed by Marta Ferrer Carné. Cast members from both attended providing insights into the characters and behind the scene info during the post-film Q&A. Rounding out the day’s selection was a mix of 27 films from around the globe, a broad variety to satisfy all moviegoer tastes.

The talent was also in attendance for competition films, such as Luk’Luk’I and The Project Florida. Luk’Luk’I, directed by Wayne Wapeemukwa and starring Angel Gates and Joe Dion Buffalo tells a “choral history” of a group of outcasts living on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The Project Florida, Directed by Sean Baker and starring Willem Dafoe and Mela Murder highlights the life of Moonee and her friends living in a motel near the outskirts of Disney World, doing anything to secure income.

The grand finale of the night included a Red Carpet, Ceremony, and Screening of Molly’s Game directed by Aaron Sorkin. A True Story about Molly Bloom, a gorgeous Olympic-class skier, who ran the world’s most exclusive High Stakes Poker Game. The game ran for a decade with some of the most significant players in Hollywood, sports, and business and the Russian Mob, before a squad of FBI agents arrested Molly in the middle of the night. Jessica Chastain’s performance was more than a bit sexy, as she embodied the International Gambling Queen.

Day three was filled with great films, lots of industry interest, and a growing number of stars and filmmakers in attendance. Each day the festival is picking up momentum, and both the filmmakers and local Cabo community is turning out in support. With only a few days left in the 6th annual Los Cabos International Film Festival, the final weekend is sure to be the biggest even in town.