February 28, 2020 3:58 pm



Plaza Frank Arnold welcomes thousands of visitors each year to the Historic Gallery District of San Jose del Cabo. Visitors to the gallery and working studio of the internationally celebrated abstract artist can stroll this sculpture garden across from Frank Arnold Gallery upon arrival to the district. The growing display of Arnold’s sculptures and the open space for special events begins with polished limestone walls and steps rising from the cobblestone avenue to an elevated plaza lined in bougainvillea and cut volcanic stone walls.

Dramatic lighting compliments the sculptures and landscape as hundreds of visitors tour the space during the weekly art openings during the season. The center piece is a heroic scale bronze sculpture entitled Alma de Cabo, Soul of Cabo, created by Arnold as a tribute to the people of San Jose, following the recovery from Hurricane Odile which decimated much of the region in 2014.

The Frank Arnold Gallery displays the original oil paintings and sculptures by Arnold. Visitors may tour the attached working studio with paintings in progress as well as his personal living space in the attached home. He divides his time between Cabo and his sculpture space in Mexico City.

Arnold has exhibited his unique and expressive abstract-figurative style in multiple galleries and museums and is in numerous collections, worldwide. In addition to oil paintings and bronze sculpture, Arnold has produced two books, the first of which, “Frank Arnold Speaks” is a bilingual, English and Spanish biography covering his upbringing by adoptive parents, and the impact his experiences have on his artwork. His second book, “Your Creative Imagination Unlocked,” is a collaborative effort with noted depth psychologist, Dr. Jim Manganiello. It includes an exploration of his own creative process and several observations and hypotheses by Manganiello with regard to Arnold’s work as well as that of other noted abstract artists, Cy Twombly, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko and Banksy. This book delves into the deeper mind and how art can be a path to rediscovery of your creative imagination.

Many of Arnold’s works may be viewed at frankarnoldart.com