May 5, 2020 4:39 pm



By Alex Navarro

I have been living in San José del Cabo for a little over two decades now because it is a very pretty and charming town. There are so many things to do. You have the beach and a great downtown too. There are all types of happenings going on all the time; like fairs, festivals and sport competitions. Today I want to tell you about a few of my favorite things to do and see in San José and all the wonderful souvenirs and gifts you can discover that might be perfect to take back home.

One of the coolest things about San José is its beautiful bike path that circles part of the town. This is a very fun way to go sightseeing because it passes very close to downtown, the beach and the estuary, as well as all the main hotel and shopping areas. The path runs from the firefighter station close to downtown, then parallel to the estuary, then next to the hotel corridor and beaches, and then passes close to the big convenience stores where the route ends close to the main highway near the Punta Sur golf course. You can go back the same way as it's a two-way bike path with a painted divider in the middle.

Downtown San José is a beautiful town to walk. You can see and do many nice things. The downtown church is in the beautiful plaza that has a kiosk, a classic clock tower, and a huge Mexican flag. Every Tuesday and Thursday evenings the streets are closed off to cars so that pedestrians can enjoy the streets. This is when the famous Art Walk takes place. The shopping is amazing and the restaurants too. You can find all varieties of food, culture and art. The art galleries are incredible and for sure you will find the perfect piece for your home.

Also, the Municipal Market of San José del Cabo is one of my favorite places. I go shopping here almost every day to get the most fresh local produce and meats. I love the fish stand and the ranch cheese store which also has regional eggs. You will find all types of fruits and veggies, and anything you can imagine. There is a store in the corner called “Viva Mexico” where you can find almost any traditional Mexican souvenir, like the iconic mariachi sombrero, the Zapata sombrero or even the revolucionario sombrero. Also, all kinds of ceramic mugs and tortilla holders called tortilleros that are made of woven palm leaves. They have traditional women dresses from Michoacan and Puebla, guayaberas (men’s shirts from the state of Tabasco), the very popular Virgin of Guadalupe pewter sculptures, and thick cotton bedspreads from Tlaxcala, blown glass from Guadalajara and small carved pieces made form palo fierro wood. Plus, many other things like clay pottery, traditional Mexican toys like the matraca and the balero, and the traditional volcanic rock bowl called molcajete, used to make roasted Mexican salsa. So check out this little market to really get into the Mexican vibe.

The other perfect place to have a great time and find the perfect souvenir for you or your loved ones is the San José Organic Market which takes place on Saturday mornings. This is the last full month the market takes place because it ends in May, so try to go have a nice time outdoors in this magical field. Let me tell you many things you can find in the market. They have paintings in many formats and styles from artists from all over the world, and all kinds of fossils and stones. There are a couple stands that have the colorful Huichol art and Macrame crafts, the oldest type of knot technique. There is a stand that sells natural ginger ale and also stands that sell kombucha and wheat grass shots. They also have traditional Mexican candies like the famous alegría–which means happiness–made of amaranth and bee honey, medicinal plants, all types of natural handmade soaps and oils, and organic produce. The food in the market is delicious and they have all kinds of options, so for sure I recommend planning to eat there. One of the cool things about the market is that there are live shows, bands and musicians playing through the day, and many activities for kids like face and finger painting and bouncy toys. There are massage stations and tai chi and yoga sessions available for everyone too. As you can imagine, it is a very fun environment for the whole family and friends. So maybe check it out one Saturday this vacation.

San José del Cabo is waiting for you! This vacation come visit our beautiful town, I’m sure you will have a great time and go back home with some fond memories and many souvenirs!