The Original Salsa and Salsa tours are located in Cozumel, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. Today they have become the highlight of cruise ship passengers and local guests for a fun, authentic experience. Celebrating with 150k passengers in Cozumel alone a few years ago, Salsa and Salsa now takes center stage on the breathtaking cliffs of the Sunset Monalisa Restaurant as a local tour.

Terramar, a hospitality industry leader and top DMC in San Jose del Cabo offers Salsa and Salsa as a specialty tour.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by the Dancing Chefs with a margarita and then you will proceed to take a seat overlooking the pristine Cabo San Lucas bay directly across from the world famous arch. Along with the views, the staff at the Sunset Monalisa offer an unparalleled service while making this tour a delightful and memorable adventure for a family, couples or individuals.

Salsa and Salsa is a sophisticated interactive hands-on cooking and dance tour. Rated by MSNNews as one of the world’s best food tours in 2011, Salsa and Salsa has become a favorite for vacationers returning year after year.

The energetic Dancing Chefs are from all over the world and their enthusiasm is contagious. The tour begins with margarita making, then more margarita making, then they teach guests how to create a variety of Mexican salsas, followed by an easy to follow 4 step salsa dance class. You will be instructed on how to use the mixing and cooking utensils as you learn the history and diversity of each Mexican salsa and tequila.

Recipe sheets are handed out at the end of the tour so that you will be able to show off your inner Dancing Chef when you get home.

In addition to being a top Trip Advisor tour, Salsa and Salsa also extends its hands and takes great pride to help many of those in need. Their philanthropy began in 2010 with the Haitian earthquake and each month they collect funds for a different charity through donations made in a ceramic pig named Lela. An acronym meaning Lead, Encourage, Live, Act. To this day we have helped countless children and animal organizations around the world as well as supporting the research for numerous diseases.

Salsa and Salsa has been dedicated to their philanthropic work since day one, adding to the joy and meaning of this tour. See to learn more!
Hope to Salsa with you soon! OLE

Duration: 3 hours