By International Community Foundation

Located on a 250-mile coastal wetland complex in Baja California Sur, Laguna San Ignacio is a refuge for the Pacific Gray Whale to give birth and raise their young in harmony.
Like many of today’s magnificent places in the world, this place has kept its wild and pristine status through the collective efforts of conservation groups and funders joining together with the local community to seek permanent protection for crucial areas around the lagoon.

International Community Foundation (ICF) is part of an alliance that has successfully secured and protected 340,000 acres and 150 miles of coastline, virtually eliminating the threat of industrial or large- scale commercial activity and permanently protecting 199,000 acres of critical habitat. The Alliance is continually working towards sustainable economic alternatives to protect this beautiful place.

The efforts to conserve Laguna San Ignacio as a wild place is motivated by our fundamental connections to nature. The health and well-being of our planet depends on the protection of wildlife and their habitats, as well as having the support from the communities living in the places we are all fighting to protect.

Without people, true conservation cannot be advanced, To support the efforts in maintaining the ecological integrity of this crucial gray whale sanctuary you can make a donation to the Laguna San Ignacio Whale Fund by visiting or contact Angelica Leyva, Program Officer: Environmental Conservation by emailing