Exchange rates Dollars are accepted almost everywhere and you will get your change in pesos. The exchange rate varies every day, but some places have a set rate.

ATMs – The easiest way to get pesos is to simply withdraw money from an ATM in Los Cabos.  Bank ATMs give the daily exchange rate (best possible rate) with reasonable fees. Examples include Banorte, Bancomer, Santander, Banamex, and HSBC. Non-bank ATMs located in the street will charge higher fees. Some ATMs only give you dollars, some only pesos and some give you the option to withdraw both. Pay close attention to what currency you’re withdrawing and try to get as much cash as possible in one transaction to avoid paying high fees.

Cash or Card?Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are generally accepted, but you often run into cash only places. Always ask beforehand and carry cash. Your bank will most likely charge you international transaction fees if you pay with your card.

Buying groceries – In Cabo San Lucas, Wal-Mart and Costco are good options and easy to get to. You can always find a taxi outside of these stores. San José has a Wal-Mart and Mega. If you just need to grab something quickly, OXXO stores are small, reasonably priced convenient stores located all over town.

Driving – Renting a car will allow you to enjoy the freedom of exploring Los Cabos. Driving in Mexico might be intimidating, but if you just go with the muddled flow, you will realize that there is some organization within the chaos. If you are pulled over by local police for committing a driving infraction, the standard procedure is for them to take your Driver’s License. You will then have to go to the Police Station to pay your ticket and pick-up your license. There are two types of gasoline: Magna, which is regular, and Premium. Lleno (pronounced ye-no) means full. Major credit cards are accepted. Tipping the gas station attendant around $10.00 pesos is customary.


The local area code is 624

To dial to other countries: 00 + country code (1, 2 or 3 digits) + number

From a Mexican land line or cell phone:

To a Mexican long distance number: 01 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number
To a Mexican cell phone number: 3 digit area code + 7 digit number
To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + 7 digit number

From your U.S. cell phone:

To a Mexican land line or cell phone: 011 52 + 3 digit area code + number

U.S. TOLL FREE NUMBERS (International rates will apply)

To a 1 (800): 00 + 1 + 880 + phone number

To a 1 (888): 00 + 1 + 881 + phone number

To a 1 (877): 00 + 1 + 882 + phone number

To a 1 (866): 00 + 1 + 883 + phone number

To a U.S. phone number: 00 + 1 + 3 digit area code + number
Some U.S. cell phone carriers have arrangements with Mexican carriers and when you travel here your cell phone uses their towers. If this is your case, you will have to dial as if you had a Mexican phone.


Emergencies: 066 – (equivalent to 911)

Police Department:

  • Cabo San Lucas 143-3977
  • San José del Cabo 142-0361

Fire Department – Dial 116 or:

  • Cabo San Lucas 143-3577
  • San José del Cabo 142-2466

Highway Patrol: 146-0573

Tourist Police: 143-3977


  • Amerimed:
    • Cabo San Lucas 105-8500
    • San José del Cabo 105-8550
  • Baja Medical Response: 144-3434
  • Blue Medical Net:
    • Cabo San Lucas Hospital 104 3911
    • San José del Cabo Clinic 142-3511
  • Cabo Surgical Center: 172-6030
  • North American Hospitals and Clinics: 142-2770
  • One World Hospital:
    • Cabo San Lucas 143-4911
    • San José del Cabo 142-5911
    • Todos Santos: (612) 145-0600
  • Walk-in Medi Clinic: 130-7011

Air Ambulances:

  • Skymed Air Ambulance: (866) 805-9624
  • Air One Ambulance: (800) 236-8080

U.S. Consulate: 143-3566

Canadian Consulate: 142-4333

Taxi Cabo San Lucas: 143-2221

Taxi San José de Cabo: 142-0401

Immigration: 143-0135


  • Aero Calafia: 130-7822
  • Aeromexico: 146-5097
  • Air Canada: 01 (800) 719-2827 (Toll free within Mexico)
  • Alaska Airlines: 146-5166
  • American Airlines: 146-5302/5303
  • Continental Airlines: 146-5050
  • Delta Airlines: 146-5005/146-5217
  • Interjet: 01 (800)-011-2345 (Toll free within Mexico)
  • Spirit Airlines: 1 (800) 772-7117
  • Sun Wing: 1 (800) 668-4224
  • Volaris: 01 (800) 7VOLARIS (Toll free within Mexico)
  • US Airways: 146-5380
  • West Jet: 1 (800) 538-5696


Although most locals in Los Cabos speak English, they also appreciate it when visitors try to speak Spanish. Give it a try!

Download a printable version of this guide


The letter “ñ”

When you see a wiggly line on top of the letter “n” use the “ny” sound that you use for the English word canyon.

The double “ll” is pronounced like “y” in English.

The letter “h” is always silent.

The letter “j” is pronounced like “h” in English.

If the word has an accent mark such as “á”, that syllable is stressed.


Hello – Hola

Goodbye – Adios

Good morning – Buenos días

Good afternoon – Buenas tardes

Good evening/night – Buenas noches

Thank you – Gracias

Please – Por Favor

Sorry – Disculpa

Here – Aquí

There – Allá

Help – Ayuda

Water – Agua

Food – Comida

Money – Dinero

Cash – Efectivo

Change – Cambio

Credit card – Tarjeta de crédito

Tip – Propina


Where is …? – ¿Dónde está …?

My hotel is … – Mi hotel es …

Please take me to … – Por favor

lléveme a …

How much is this? – ¿Cuánto cuesta esto?

Where is an ATM? – ¿Dónde hay un cajero automático?

Telephone – Teléfono

Do you have WIFI? – ¿Tiene WIFI?


Bathrooms – Baños

Restaurant – Restaurante

Hotel – Hotel

Beach – Playa

Store – Tienda

Pharmacy – Farmacia


Table – Mesa

Glass – Vaso

Plate – Plato

Fork – Tenedor

Spoon – Cuchara

Knife – Cuchillo

Napkin – Servilleta

Can you bring the check? – ¿Puede traer la cuenta?


Nice to meet you – Mucho gusto

What’s your name? – ¿Cómo te llamas?

My name is … – Mi nombre es…

Where are you from? – ¿De dónde eres?

Do you speak English? – ¿Habla Inglés?

I don’t understand – No entiendo


Captain – Capitán

Aboard – Abordo

To fish – Pescar

To float – Flotar

Wind – Viento

Tide – Marea

Fish – Pescado

Bait – Carnada

Fishing rod – Caña de pescar

Hook – Anzuelo

Life preservers – Salvavidas

Throttle – Acelerador

Anchor – Ancla

Bow – Proa

Stern – Popa