There is so much to love about a vacation to Loreto, Mexico. The distinct natural beauty that blankets the region is unparalleled, the serene ambiance that radiates from every corner of the quaint Mexican town is almost unheard of nowadays, and most of all, the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that abound make for a vacation experience that simply cannot be beat. While a longtime gem in the history of the nation, the small town of Loreto is relatively new on the tourist radar and visitors are just now discovering what they love about the destination. The long list ranges from golfing on the rolling desert terrain to scuba diving in the “aquarium of the world.” While each unique adventure brings about wonderful memories, whale watching is definitely among crowd favorites.

Loreto, Mexico is among one of the best locations in the world to witness the spectacular shows put on by migrating whales each and every year. Beginning in February, Blue Whales, in addition to a number of other species, visit the Sea of Cortez and the Islands of Loreto on a journey from the Arctic, creating a unique opportunity for visitors who wish to relish in an awe-inspiring experience. Aside from the Blue Whale, which is the largest animal on the planet, the Fin, Humpback, Pilot, Orca, and Sperm Whales are among those to make Loreto their home for the winter months. In addition, large groups of dolphins inhabit the area, playing in the wakes of boats and traveling in groups of up to several hundred individuals.

Whale watching in Loreto is exceptionally thrilling due to the charisma of the Blue Whale, one of the most unique and massive creatures to inhabit the oceans. Their remarkable bodies, which weigh in at around 200 tons and grow up to lengths of more than 100 feet, are a spectacle to behold when heading out on a whale watching tour. More than just a sight to see, Blue Whales communicate with each other though pulses, groans and moans from up to 1,000 miles away, creating a musical delight for visitors booking a tour. This marvelous species, which glides through the water at a speed of about 5 miles an hour, can be trailed with ease by whale watching tours who catch sight of their mesmerizing movements and their spray, which can shoot up to 30 feet in the air, giving away their location from far away.

While whale sightings are never guaranteed, the innate beauty that surrounds the Islands of Loreto and the near perfect weather make any excursion well worth the time. In addition, the spectacular diversity that inhabits the Sea of Cortez waters means you will see far more than whales while out on the water. Dolphins, sea turtles, schools of colorful fish, and so much more will provide hours of entertainment and long lasting memories.