by Alex Navarro, local outdoor adventure expert

This month I would like to share some top choices of things I would choose to do if I was vacationing here. For starters, a cold “Chelada”, that is a cold beer in a beer mug with ice cubes, squeezed lime and sea salt on the mug’s rim. Different versions exist like the “Michelada” which adds crushed peppers to the salt on the rim, and pepper and spice sauces to the beer. And some others like the “Clamato” which adds oyster juice to the beer and even has oysters inside, and some even have cooked shrimp on the mug rim. Amazing! Later, some ceviche tostadas are a must. Either fish ceviche or shrimp ceviche, or one of each, or even a mixed tostada of the two. Ceviche is quite popular all over Mexico and South America. It is basically diced seafood marinated and cooked in lime juice, mixed with fresh diced veggies like tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, and sometimes cucumber or even mango, and placed on top of a tostada, which is a baked or fried corn tortilla. This is one of the freshest dishes you can have here. Then, of course I would have a fresh raw fish sashimi at any of the sushi spots all over Cabo, and also find fresh clams in their shells at a seafood restaurant or even a sidewalk cart that serves them.

I think a Cabo experience is about a kind of balance of your many sides, like your party side, your relaxing side and nurturing side, and your outdoors adventure side and many more for sure. So, I would definitely spend my energy a bit on all three of those sides. Like maybe a little day partying at Medano Beach which just goes off every day! Any establishment on that beach is a sure bet. Plus, for sure all night partying at the popular and iconic Cabo San Lucas party strip which offers innumerable bars and dance clubs to literally party the night away. In San Jose del Cabo, on Friday and Saturday the must go spot for some pre-party drinks, food and funky house music is called “District”, and the best place for electronic music is also in San Jose and is called “Mixology”, a must visit if you are into that kind of music. For all other kinds of music like classic rock, hip hop, top 40, reggaeton, R&B, 80’s, 90’s, Latin, etc., the scene at the Cabo San Lucas party strip I mentioned before is the spot to be.

After getting my party dose in, it is now time for some relaxation. I probably don’t even have to mention all this about relaxation because most all of you are going to do this anyway, but I don’t want you to forget, so let’s go over some ideas. Obviously, a full-body massage anywhere and any style, and spending endless beach time under a thatched “palapa” shade, with snacks like a ceviche tostada and plenty of cold drinks like a “Chelada”, would be just perfect! Some swimming in the ocean or in the pool to loosen up my body would fit nicely in my plans as well. Furthermore, some fish tacos or an early dinner at any of the world class restaurants throughout Cabo would be the optimum choice right before an early bedtime, enjoying my comfy and fresh hotel room.

This plan has a particular objective in mind, to be up early the next morning feeling fresh and renewed before a full day of outdoor adventures. Beginning with an early beach jog with some great stretching and maybe even a little beach yoga. If the waves are good, head out to the surf break and get some rides. Of course, eat a delicious breakfast and later in the day a reviving lunch after the surf session. Maybe, that evening or the next morning, check out the hot springs and waterfalls near Santiago Town, just one hour from Cabo, and experience a mix of relaxation and adventure in nature. Keeping in mind that there might not be good waves such days, I would swap activities. Instead of surfing, going snorkeling or scuba diving, or maybe sailing or renting ATV’s, or going on the many extreme and fun zip lines all around. The options are pretty much limitless here in Cabo to really enjoy your time in all kinds of ways. Here within the magazine you will surely find many great ideas to pack your vacation with memorable and adventurous times.

So, thanks again for visiting us and I am sure this season will offer the most amazing times for all of you, our fantastic visitors, and also for us locals who are lucky to call Cabo home and are very happy to host you.