June 10, 2019 5:26 pm


Pozoloria Doña Soco


​by Jake Snook

Approximately 5 miles north of Puerto Paraiso mall, amongst the dirt roads of the locals housing, a sand-floored palapa with cast iron gates is home to one of the most traditional and savory dishes that the people of the area indulge upon. Pozole, a traditional Mexican stew that is frequently served as a celebratory dish, is made from scratch every Thursday and Saturday from 2pm until 10pm at this little “hole-in-the-wall” that will soon become a weekly event worth looking forward to.

Pozoleria Doña Socco has a 4.9/5 star rating on trip advisor and word of mouth had brought the attention enough for us to go see for ourselves. Seeing as the kitchen is led by Señora Socco herself, nothing but the freshest ingredients are put into the two types of pozole that are able to be ordered. If you don’t like soup, don’t go; the only thing that this place serves is green and white broth, poured over marinated pork meat, and topped with everything you can think of.

The difference in the colors of soup is solely a preference of flavor, and are equally delicious in their own way. Green pozole offers a bit more of a robust and spicy flavor as it includes ingredients like tomatillos, cilantro and even jalapeños in some cases. Whereas white pozole, a bit milder than the green, is more natural meat-broth flavor, and comes from Guerrero, Mexico which just south of Mexico City. Both feature large hominy kernels; a corn-like ingredient that provides both body and flavor to the dish.

Pickled radishes, avocado chunks, raw onion, cilantro, shredded lettuce, flautas (cheese filled deep-fried tortillas) roasted peppers, pork rinds, panela cheese, lime juice and tostadas are all acceptable condiments for either dish. Flavor to your liking and dive in with a napkin near.

The staple white-plastic outdoor tables and chairs line the sand as bowl after bowl comes tearing out of the kitchen on these two special evenings every week. Tables filled with eight or more people are not an uncommon sight as families gather around to share great food, cold coca colas and the happenings of the week since they last met.

With a home-like atmosphere and nothing but smiles and laughter around, this is a spot that continuously surprises the people who are willing to take a trip into the area that the local people of Cabo San Lucas inhabit. This ladies entrepreneurship is another perfect example that a passion for good food can bring crowds of every shape, size and color, as long as the food is “that” good.

Find out more about Pozole Doña Socco on TripAdvisor or hop on their Facebook to check-in and let friends and family know where you’re dining. We here at Destino want to remind you that good food is best shared with great company; go see what this spot has to offer. Happy eating!